Phoenix Admin Panel built with PETAL

Backpex is a highly customizable administration panel for Phoenix LiveView applications. Quickly create beautiful CRUD views and more for your existing data via configurable LiveResources. Easily extendable with your own layouts, views, field types, filters and more!

Batteries included

Backpex comes with a rich set of features to quickly build a beautiful backoffice application. Visit the docs (coming soon) to learn about all the different possibilities.


Quickly create LiveResource modules for your database tables with fully customizable CRUD views. Bring your own layout or use our components.

Search and Filters

Define searchable fields on your resources and add custom filters (boolean, range or select). Get instant results with the power of Phoenix LiveView.

Resource Actions

Add your globally available custom actions (like user invitation or exports) with additional form fields to your LiveResources.

Item Actions

Extend the default item actions (show, edit and delete) with your own item actions (e.g. publish or soft delete) and run them on one or multiple items.


Handle authorization for all your CRUD and custom actions via simple pattern matching. Optionally integrate your own authorization library.

Field Types

Many field types (e.g. Text, Number, Date, Upload) are supported out of the box. Easily create your own field type modules with custom logic.


Handle HasOne, BelongsTo and HasMany(Through) associations with minimal configuration. Customize available options and rendered columns.


Easily add value metrics (like sums or averages) to your resources for a quick glance at your date. More metric types are in the making.